Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How Do You Train for This?

I was reading a flier today on how one trains for running races. 4 km. Ten Miler. Marathon. They set up certain distances to run. They do it a few times a week. They stick to a schedule.

How then does one train for the AT? Albeit the WHOLE THING?

I was considering that coming back from a .7 mile jog today. Wow, I would love to hike each and every day with a pack on my back. But that just isn't feasible. So right now I am at least working on the cardiovascular part. Getting the bod moving. Doing some jogging. Doing stretches. Working with these stretchy rope thingies I bought at Wally world to build up muscle. Telling my husband I'll be glad to help carry some boxes up and down stairs. All the while waiting patiently for the free weekend when I CAN put that backpack on my back and do the real thing - like hiking a trail.

Every little bit helps.

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