Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On The Trail Again!

We had the great opportunity to hit the AT for a section hike a week ago. We did from Chester Gap near Front Royal to Ashby Gap. Pictured is Skipper, Blissful, and Paul Bunyan at the Manassas Gap Shelter. See the listing under "AT Section Hikes" for the journal entries about the adventure. It was great getting back again. We had not section hiked since last October. We are hoping to eventually cover the section of the AT between Rockfish Gap near the southern end of Shenandoah all the way to Harper's Ferry, WV. That way next year we will pass over this section and save some time on the thru hike. I was happy to see that my limbs cooperated - knees, ankle, and metatarsal. Will have to check out a new backpack, but I do like my new sleeping bag, even if it is bulky due to it being synthetic, and probably a tad heavy (a Marmot Mavericks, 15 degree).

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