Thursday, August 10, 2006

New day

New day, new thoughts. Less than seven months to go.

Just started to pick up things for my mail drops and / or bounce box. Figure a run to Sams Club will be in order when it comes to the mega size things - like 500 tabs of Vitamin I to put in the mail drops (which hikers refer to as good old Ibuprofen, a mainstay on the AT).

Well, it looks like we may soon be doing our next section hike of the AT that we plan to skip over in 2007 to help save time. Either we will do the Maupin Field shelter segment to McCormick Gap in SNP or the route from Ashby Gap to Harper's Ferry that we began in April, probably around the 25th of August. Our plan is to complete the section of the AT between Tye River Gap and Harpers Ferry so this section can be omitted come 2007. I have a goal in mind to summit Katahdin in time for "Paul Bunyan" to attend college classes. My dh Skipper says not to worry about it, but I want to get back in time for that. So that's the plan.

I was SO happy to hear back from my new book editor at Barbour - she wrote saying they will work around the AT schedule when it comes to production, galleys, etc. Wow, what a relief! I was very happy to hear that. So along with planning for the thru hike this fall, I will be writing another book. I have one book down (that was sent today) and one to go!

The only major thing for me still hanging equipment wise - need a backpack.


You will be the first to know when I have the one I want in hand! And a major "whew" to boot.

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