Monday, September 04, 2006

Adjusting Gear

Still working on gear adjustments after the last section hike. Decided that since my feet still ached for a week after the last hike I would try to adapt to a pair of blue Superfeet insoles inside my hikers. My left foot is still giving me troubles but I hope they will adapt okay as these seem the best option for my overall feet-ankle-knee-hip woes.

Also went to REI and tried on packs. The Gregory Deva I thought would work good still gave me back problems and an irritated nerve. I talked to the salesgal, telling her about my clunky Lowe pack that weighs a ton but what a good lumbar support it had and I never had nerve pain. So she said - well, maybe you should stick with Lowe but in a different model. So I decided to try one Sierra Trading Post is getting rid of - an ultralight Lowe Alpine Sirocco. Had free shipping so I thought - what do I have to lose? Weighs in at 4 lbs. I PRAY the lumbar support works and this will be my pack. It has been so hard finding one with lumbar support, lightweight, hydration capatible and with the capacity I need for a March 1st start. Wowsie

Will let you know....

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lindy said...

Hi :)
I found your blog address on your posts at white blaze. I am looking forward to reading as you go forth!

Happy Trails!