Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Got the pack...still testing

Got the pack yesterday. There are many things I like about it. Great capacity for a thru hike and will take my mammoth Marmot bag. Lightweight. Has the hydration capability. Of course, the belt and lumbar pad are much less to cut back on weight. Put it on and my nerve in my back promptly acted up, giving me a back ache. Thought I would have a crisis right there. I sat there wondering why I could ever think I would be able to hike the trail with my physical things that sprout up!

Then got the idea to cut up a small memory foam thing used to support your back in the car and put that on the lumbar padding to try and beef it up. May need to adjust it as it was pretty hot and pressed my back good. Or as my dh says, just try hiking around the neighborhood with the loaded pack and no padding and see what your back does. Maybe it will adapt.

More testing to come...
Sure hope I can get this to work. I think it's a nice pack.

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