Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not an Option

I am a member of Whiteblaze, a great hiker community and today there is a thread going of real determination to complete the trail. I have been reading posts by thru hikers that finished the hike with kidney stones, a broken arm, dislocated patella. That quitting was not an option. I am truly amazed by their stories. I must admit that I have wondered if I can do this with so many obstacles in my way. Physical, mental, gear-wise, etc But there are courageous stories out there of people triumphing over adversity. Marching forth. Destiny on their wings that moves them unlike anything else. And I know without a doubt this has been my destiny. For years really. There is no option of not doing it. Letting it go. Quitting in the middle. As Patton once said - I must be allowed to fufill my destiny. And the AT is my destiny for 2007.

Only three months to go.

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