Monday, January 29, 2007

Attack, Attack

Who says one can't get attacked?

I feel like I am. First it's been recurrent tendonitis in my ankle I hurt two years ago. Then a person close to me who doesn't understand at all why I am doing what I am doing with my life (and who I dreaded telling in the first place - but it had to be done). And then a bad case if sciatica last night that prevented sleep. Along with the internal jibes of - you REALLY think you're gonna hike this whole thing? You spent money on food prep, gear etc and it will all be wasted. You won't even be able to do the Approach trail to Springer let alone the entire 2000 mile plus AT!!

And then came a very simple but wise answer on a post in White Blaze - a forum for hikers. It was amazing, really, from WandererKMK.

"Blissful - My Beautiful tiny Round Irish Grandma used to say you know you are on the right path when the devil trys to lead you astray.... Every time I start to worry my gear isn't right, my training is too slow or the little daily worries try to pull me down - I think about her. "

So all I could think was - this MUST be the right path. I have a confirmation of it...from getting attacked. And so I can rejoice and have confidence, even in the midst of trials. And continue on, with perseverence, the race marked out for me, keeping my eyes focused on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.


Michael said...

Hey Blissful,
I had an Irish grandma and I gotta tell ya they KNOW stuff. Go for it. Live the dream. No matter what happens it will open the next door. Hope I see ya in Maine.


Fly By Mike

Rob said...


Doubt is a very human thing. So is getting... well... old. I personally would not equate "doubt" or bodily pains with the demonic unless that doubt became a negative or hurtful activity (sour words, negative actions, turning away from God, etc.) Everyone gets apprehensive or even downright SCARED about major life events. Remember those butterflies in the stomac on your wedding day? Did it dissuade you from doing something you knew in your heart was right for you? Of course not!

Only YOU knows what's right for you! Does this AT hike feel right to you? If so... do it!

Lots of us are rooting for you and your sucess on the AT. However it turns out, I for one will continue to cheer!

Hike your own hike!

Love, Rob