Monday, January 08, 2007

A Bummer

Well, just as I am revving up for the thru - doing long walks (up to 4 miles), getting my gear together, planning drops, I get completely sidetracked by the worst case of a respiratory illness that I have had in a long time. Boy it was bad. Here I got a flu shot and then end up in bed with a fever, coughing, a severe sore throat, chest pain, weakness - man, why did I get the flu shot anyway? A real bummer as I so want to continue getting ready. Thank goodness I was able to get my two Christmas novellas sent off to the publisher before it hit. Today I am a bit better but still real weak. All I can hope for is that this is building up my immune system real good before I hit the trail.

But a piece of great news - a fellow hiker made me a small little hiking sack pack that I can carry around town- is mailing it to me today. An early birthday gift! I was so thankful for that, really did brighten up an otherwise totally punky and depressing weekend.

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