Thursday, February 22, 2007

One Week to Go!

I sit here pondering the fact I have but a mere one week before my feet hit the AT to complete the trail this year. I don't care to ponder the fact that I still have a zillion things left to accomplish. But I do ponder how the journey first began as a teenager thirty years ago and now has come to this momentous point in my life. And I'm even more excited and in awe when I hear of others who are sharing in my thrill of this journey - from my family who visited or e-mailed encouragement, to friends who have been praying, the neighbor next door giving me postcards to send to her son's 2nd grade class, to the people that have already volunteered along the trail's route for us to stop by and stay with them (from VA to PA to CT). All point to a trip in stages but one that must and will be completed, by the grace of God in Whose strength I can do all things.

I have enjoyed writing down tidbits of this pre-journey in my blog. Now the journey and its wonders will turn to my trail journal site. So be certain to check it out where I am and what's happening when the journey begins March 1st, 2007.

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