Monday, February 05, 2007

Time is Growing Short...

Hard to believe in only a little over three weeks I hit the trail. Trying to tie up loose ends and finding myself in a place where I need to trust God more and more - especially with my upcoming books releasing in the fall. There will be editing to do while I'm on the trail and not certain how that will fit in. So I will be calling my editor tomorrow to see what can be done while I have 3 weeks left. That isn't something I want to do, but I need to let her know my position. I have a feeling as the time is nearing I will be scrambling with last minute editing, but such is life. And I may very well be carrying galleys with me on the trail. That will have to be a first!

On another front, it is very cold and projected to stay cold. Thus I am considering some revamping of gear - getting a silk liner for my sleeping bag, maybe even some warmers, etc. All these unknowns and it's hard to plan. At least the food prep is well underway and the freezer bursting with homemade goodies.

Check out my trail journal link for our latest hike on the snowy AT near the Priest in VA which we did this past Saturday. Another adventure to be had with many, many more to come.

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