Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Have Seen and Felt God

I just read the blog of a writing friend I had met at a writer's conference a few years back and how she is now suffering with a malignant brain tumor. The news is not good. It made me consider death. Surrounded by family and the things of this world, I found death to be frightening and unable to be understood. Maybe because I lacked a deeper understanding of my Creator who made me. But when I spent six months on the Appalachian Trail and saw wonders, His wonders, the hand of the Creator that made those wonders, I saw that death was not something to be feared. On that journey I felt Him take my hand, grab my foot, help me down slippery slopes, create moss "rocks" for me to step on, and give me the strength to conquer steep mountains when I was weak and helpless. I knew then I could trust Him, even with something as mysterious and uncertain as death That it was okay. Death was okay. Everything is okay, that we can get through anything because God is in it. I am so glad I could experience Him in a profound way on my trail journey. I pray for the strength to be able to write down these things in the book I am currently now working on and hope you will pray for me too.

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