Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Year Anniversary of a Trail

Putting a pebble from Springer Mountain, Georgia on the sign atop Mt. Katahdin, Maine

This Friday, September 18th, marks the two year completion of the entire Appalachian Trail for both my son and myself. To mark the occasion, we got together before my computer and finished writing the book that chronicles the journey. I need only spell check and revise it, but I hope to have it out for eager readers by the third anniversary of our start in Georgia (March 5, 2010). As we shared about the journey, tears came into "Paul Bunyan's" eyes, recalling the monumental feat, but tears as well of good memories and challenges and the simplicity that was the trail life.

We don't know what lies ahead for our hiking pursuits. I would like to try again in 2011, but work and other things might prevent a full SOBO hike. But I will keep my options open. Until then, we will rejoice and remember our hike.

Paul Bunyan with THE hiker food - a Snickers bar

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