Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Review of Bluebird's Book

Bluebird says - "Life isn't over till you're six foot under, and if you're on this side of the dirt and breathing, you're alive! So, for God and your own sake - LIVE!"

Wow! Powerful words to begin this book that chronicles a journey along the Appalachian Trail.

I followed Bluebird's journal in 2006-7 as a precursor for my own Appalachian Trail hike, and I was thrilled that she decided to publish her journal. It was truly inspiration for me as I prepared for my own journey, just to see another older woman like me get out there and enjoy creation at its finest. She writes the book as a diary, day by day, and each day there are new discoveries to be made. And she is the epitome of Hike your own Hike! Even when she found her hike sidelined with injury that forced her off, she continued her dream, completing the trail the following year with grit and determination.
Lady Hikers, if you want to dream a dream and see how one has lived it, even when the going gets rough, read Bluebird's book!

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Eric said...

This really inspired me and I loved her journal


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Michael Aaron Hansen said...

I read her journal, too. Love your posts.