Thursday, July 11, 2013

Guest Blog Gives Reasons to Try Freeze Dried Food on your next Hike

Guest Blog: 5 Reasons Why Freeze-Dried Food Is Perfect For Hiking

By Chett Wright, Food Storage Expert

           For all the avid hikers out there looking for a food solution for those long hikes, this article is for you. These top 5 reasons will help you to think ahead before your next hike and realize what type of food best fits your needs for hiking.

1.       Weight. One of the major perks to freeze-dried food is that it weighs hardly anything and is extremely easy to store. It is packaged in stackable bags so it will fit in your backpack perfectly. It will also be much easier than carrying sandwiches that will most likely get mashed or other heavy items.

2.       Preparation. Another reason that freeze-dried meals can be so light to carry is that you don’t need to carry anything as well in order to prepare the meal. For example, if you wanted to bypass the mashed sandwich situation, and make sandwiches during a stop in your hike, you’d have to bring peanut butter, jelly, bread, knives, and any side items like yogurt, fruit or vegetables. With freeze-dried food, you’ve got everything you will need all in one tiny little package. This is because all freeze-dried foods are made to be prepared with only water. It doesn’t matter if you have hot or cold water, but you won’t need anything else. It is extremely simple to prepare, and does not take very long to do either.

3.       Nutrition. The plus to having freeze-dried over dehydrated food is that the freeze-drying process keeps all the nutrients in the food that it had in its original form. Dehydrated food can often lose up to fifty percent of its original nutrients. Nutrition becomes especially important when you are on a hike because of the intense physical exertion that your body is being forced to have energy for. Packing a lunch with a sandwich and fruit snacks doesn’t have near the nutritional value of a freeze-dried meal because these typical lunch food items are usually loaded with sugar and don’t include very much protein. Having a freeze-dried meal will be just like eating fresh produce and meat at home, except without having to carry tons of food up a mountain!

4.       Taste. I know what you’re thinking-sounds too good to be true, right? Well believe it or not, the freeze-dried food industry has come a long way, and if you haven’t tried it lately, you definitely need to. You will not be sacrificing your taste buds to receive all of these benefits, because it tastes amazing! You will be surprised at how good the potatoes, stews, corn, fruit, and even ice cream taste when you try them.

5.       Shelf-Life. Most freeze-dried food lasts anywhere from twenty to thirty years without going bad. This is a great thing for hikers because they can buy in bulk to get the cheaper prices without having to worry about using all of it before it goes bad. You also won’t need to experience the disappointment of hiking to the top of a mountain and then realizing that your lunch has expired and you’re out of luck.

Freeze-dried snacks and meals are the ultimate answer for all your hiking woes. For more information and some sample products by the author, click on freeze dried goods.

Author Bio Chett Wright is a food storage expert who has been in the emergency preparedness industry for over 20 years. 

(Disclaimer: Blissful Hiking has not used these products and encourages you to sample ideas and choose the foods that are right for your specific trip. Any information gleaned from these blogs are used at your own risk.) 

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