Monday, September 23, 2013

The Continental Divide Trail - Triple Crowners Finishing !

The triple crown.

Of trails, that is!

They are:  The Appalachian Trail. The Pacific Crest Trail. The Continental Divide Trail.

Several have completed their goal this year by finishing hiking the Continental Divide Trail to become true and tried Triple Crowners. It's a test of endurance, determination, strength. 

Blissful Hiking wishes to congratulate those who have done it. Including a fellow ridgerunner from 2012, Ninja. Way to go!  

Sunshine is the youngest to have ever completed both the Continental Divide Trail and the Triple Crown.

Ninja and company at the northern terminus of the Continental Divide Trail. Congratulations!

Links to Ninja and company and some of their trek in pictures along the Continental Divide Trail. 

Trail Journal - Drop N Roll CDT

Continental Divide Trail - Breckenridge to Colorado / Wyoming Border 

Continental Divide Trail - Wyoming / CO border to Lander, WY

Continental Divide Trail - Lander, WY to Dubois, WY

Continental Divide Trail - Dubois, WY to Old Faithful in Yellowstone

Other Links:

Continental Divide Trail Coalition

CDT Guidebooks and Maps

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