Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Closed! Now What?

As the government shutdown continues, it brings to mind the times that I have seen hiking plans curtailed.
For instance, I had planned twice to do the Benton MacKaye trail. Both times other circumstances came up. This fall I was looking at doing a thru hike of the Foothills Trail. But again, I found rides not working out, my new job that begged me to be there on opening day. I was to do the John MuirTrail a few summers ago, until the snows hit hard and my husband hurt his back. Plans all changed.

So what do you do when, like with the shutdown, you find your plans changing?

Thankfully there are plenty of places to enjoy a good walk in the woods! For instance, I just saw on a web site how the Virginia State Parks are pushing for visitation by saying – hey, we’re here! Come visit. There are many trails not on national park lands where one can enjoy a taste of fall. You may need to do some research online for alternate locations, but they are out there.

Sometimes other things happen. Sickness prevails. A family emergency crops up. An injury happens. Whatever. By no means do you give up on your idea of going on a trail. I look at it this way – well, this is just to my time to do this trail. It’s for another season. Maybe when the weather is better, or there will be person(s) out there I’m supposed to meet. I know it can be hard trying to rationalize it all. The most important thing is to not get down about it. Or angry, like with the government shutdown. But make alternate plans. I am right now looking at the Tuscarora Trail instead of the Foothills, which I am saving for the spring. 
I bought the maps and am reading up about it.

So don’t let detours get to you. Make a way around the detour and find yourself on a trail enjoying the best that nature has to offer.

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