Monday, February 03, 2014

Book Review - Called Again

Jennifer Pharr Davis is an incredible athlete and a gifted writer. I read her first book, Becoming Odyssa with great interest. But I looked forward to her second book, Called Again, as it chronicled her long distance achievements in the areas of the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail, holding the fastest women's record and overall record respectively.

In this memoir of her latest accomplishment, breaking the world record for the fastest Appalachian Trail hike, Jenn's true to the fact that this is not a memoir of the glamour and giddiness of becoming a renowned athlete. Far from it. Rather she candidly outlines the true grit, struggles, the trials, the strength when there is none to be found, in order to accomplish this amazing feat. She makes no bones about it when she credits it all to her faith, her husband and the many people who helped her along the way. I also must say I enjoyed reading about the different foods she ate on her stops, too. (What hiker doesn't like to read about food?). And her husband Brew was there at every stop, with all kinds of great snacks to keep the momentum going. As well as providing support and words of encouragement, too.

This book is not so much about Jennifer’s remarkable feat, which is indeed a triumph. Rather it is a gift to the enduring legacy of faith and of loved ones who bear the banner of confidence and support as we seek to realize our dreams in life. Without faith and love there would be no hope, and for Jenn, no record. I for one know that well. If you have a dream, be sure to invite others to be a part of it. They may well be the very ones who help make it come true.

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bigtuna said...

jennifer is a great woman and a true AT hiker. she is living proof that all things are possible in him. I eagerly anticipate her next calling (it appears it will be motherhood for a while)

Stu said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I love taking these kinds of books along with me when I go backpacking.