Thursday, October 01, 2015

Possible Maildrop List for the Appalachian Trail

Possible places where you might send a maildrop for a northbound Thru Hike of the Appalachian Trail where good resupply for adequate nutrition is challenging, very limited or can be pricey. Or if it's real easy to get a drop too (some POs are right on the trail). See below for some Southbound options.

Neels Gap, Ga - Outfitter at Mountain Crossings but there is some resupply here

Outfitter at Natahala Outdoor Center - NOC (there is a small store but resupply is meager)

Fontana Village before the Smokies (or if staying at the Hike Inn, there - have offered shuttles to town). Watch PO open times, they can vary and frustrates hikers.

Possibly Standing Bear Farm out of the Smokies but there is also resupply there

Kincora Hostel

Bland, VA (will need a hitch)

Glasgow, VA (store here, but unsure of what they have. rather long haul from Daleville to Waynesboro if you skip it)

ATC at Harper's Ferry - opened seven days a week, but until 5 PM

Delaware Water Gap, PA - PO right near the trail

Fort Montgomery NY

Salisbury, CT ( I sent here, there is a store but it was pretty pricey)

Dalton, MA - just a convenience store, and PO is convenient

Inn at Long Trail unless you take the bus into Rutland, VT

Hanover, NH  (may be sending cold weather gear here to for the Whites. There is the food co-op but it is pricey. PO is convenient)

Glencliff, NH (cold weather gear for sure and send some food too)

Crawford Notch  (I sent mine to Highland Lodge, need a hitch though)

AMC center at Pinkham Notch

Andover, ME has a small store but you might send.

Stratton, ME - motel there or the PO

Caratunk, ME  - friendly PO

Monson, ME - store closed, send a box

Southbounders can do it the opposite direction but the store at NOC will likely be closed or very limited stock, so need a drop there. Also there is usually no transportation to Fontana Village for the PO. Might consider instead resupplying in Gatlinburg in the middle of the Smokies to get you to NOC. Also, your colder weather gear will need to be picked up by early October - possibly somewhere in VA.

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BCO94 said...

Please add Backcountry Outfitters in Kent, CT to your mail drop list. Been holding mail drops for 21 years.