Friday, January 22, 2016

Winter Hiking Blues…Can’t Hike. 7 Things You Can Do Instead

Ok, if you are like me right now, watching snow coming down in piles, wondering when you will be able to hike again, here’s some things you might do to lessen the hiking winter blues. 

1. Get outside anyway. Even if it’s to shovel the snow (take care though), walk the dog or walk yourself (don’t forget traction devices), get out. Also, taking Vitamin D 3 can lessen that moodiness we can get from the lack of sunshine.

2. Take the time now to do a gear inventory. Start sorting out your gear closet to give away or sell. There are many used gear places to sell gear on the Web and on Facebook. Some require you to sign up.
Give away used gear in good condition to needy local scout troops or other youth groups in the area. 

3. Throw out gear that is not useable. Expired food, medicines. Other unnecessary items. Make a list of what you may need in the coming months for your trip.Take time to scan the Internet for updates to your gear. Check out hiking forums for what’s good and what’s not.

4. Take out some maps and books and decide where you want to venture. See what time you have this year for a hike. Start nurturing those hiking dreams. And then scan for social sites that will talk about your dream. I blogged on deciding where to go on your hiking adventure a few weeks back.

5. If you have a dehydrator, its fine to start dehydrating some foods and creating recipes. They can safely be stored in your freezer until you are ready to go. Check out forums for backpacking recipes.

6. Check out some interesting hiking movies out there. Some out there right now are Walk in the Woods, The Way, Wild, etc. And the movie Everest just came out too. Check out what a Backpacker Magazine Poll says about fav and not so fav hiker movies. 

7. Be a part of online hiking forums and in social media. There are many new faces out there who want to learn from those who have been there. Use your experiences to help others discover the treasure of hiking.

The nice thing is, the trail will still be there as will some great hiking when the opportunity comes again. And it will.

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