Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Mother's Pride

This guest blog is from a mother who sent her daughter off an adventure along the Appalachian Trail. It serves as a wonderful reminder for women to achieve their hiking dream (and never let anyone tell you it can't be done)!

A Mother's Pride by Sylvia Krakar

My daughter just did a NOBO (northbound) on the AT (Appalachian Trail). She set out on March 27th 2017 and finished September 26, 2017.
Nighthawk finishes

She had a lot of day hiking experience, but that was about it. We did a lot of camping too. She researched for almost two years before her hike by reading blogs and gear ratings. She graduated early to make the hike. 

She had great days and days I had to take off my mom hat and put on my pep talk hat when she called. She had a wonderful experience, but she did tell me that there were some males on the trail that tried to make women feel inferior. She was actually told by one male hiker that he could not stand the idea of a woman hiking faster than him. That said, she also met some really great male hikers that treated her equal. She set out alone, but found her family right away. People she will keep in touch with the rest of her life. People she will hike with again.

As a mom I was terrified when she set out alone on this journey. The first two weeks were hard for both of us. Dianne “Nighthawk” grew so much during the six months she was on the trail. 

I wanted to share this to encourage any woman no matter how old who is thinking about hiking the AT to make the journey. Don’t let anyone stop you or convince you that you can’t do it. 

Valedictorian of her class AND now a thru hiker!
I include two pictures. The first is in Virginia. Her uncle hiked for one week with her there. He is in great shape but this was more than he expected. He was in awe of Dianne. He has a new outlook on hiking. He wants to do the PCT with her. I took her graduation things out there so I could take a picture to put in her announcements. I was very proud to accept her valedictorian award at graduation on her behalf. She had a teacher that devoted an entire class to belittling her for wanting to do this hike. When I accepted her award I spoke just a few words. I said “ Mr Keeler, Dianne did not need the hatchet”. The student body erupted in laughter. 

I am very proud of her and I want other women to follow their dream no matter what others think. 

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Beertownbill said...

I met Nighthawk several times down south on my AT hike. Was able to follow parts of her trip via FB posts from Nuun Noodle and Tenacious. Glad she made it.