Thursday, January 05, 2006

Work and the AT

Today I am concerned how my work as a writer will mesh with my goal of thru hiking the AT in 2007. I know I've heard how many agonize over jobs and taking six months away to do something like this. Being a writer, I do have some flexibility - especially right now when I have no pending writing contracts. But that doesn't solve the problem of writing projects that are currently in house (more than ten) awaiting approval or rejection. So now comes the time of informing my "employers" i.e. - editors, about this lofty goal of mine and how I will be out of commission for six months. Not certain how I will break the news. I wonder too if it will affect my career. If I will have writing assignments when I get back. What will happen if they ask for something or I need to edit something and I'm in the middle of the Smokies, far from a computer. Etc. Etc.

Yes, there are many factors when planning something of this magnitude. Not just gear. Physical prep. Money. But life. A writer's life. A list of unknowns. But isn't that the AT anyway? Not knowing what will really happen on this journey?

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