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Swedish Firestarter

Assorted Headlamp Reviews

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Woolx Merino Wool Garments


NEW Gomacro Bars


Highs and Lows on the Pacific Crest Trail

Called Again

First Aid - Fundamentals for Survival

Shades of Gray, Splashes of Color - A
Thru Hike of the Colorado Trail


High Sierra - Journey on the John Muir Trail

Do you have a product, book, or media you wish reviewed by a two-time Appalachian Trail backpacker, ridgerunner, author and speaker? Blissful Hiking will review hiking-related products (provided by the manufacturer for testing) pending approval and time constraints. Blissful Hiking will post reviews on the site as well as link to other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and outdoor-related sites as appropriate. Negative reviews will be first forwarded to the media rep for review before posting. Please allow sufficient time for review, but feel free to e-mail for follow up after 60 days.   

Contact: blissfulhiking(at)gmail(dot)com

Guest Blogs

Do you have wisdom and insight about hiking and backpacking you'd like to share with fellow hikers?  Blissful Hiking accepts guest blogs from bloggers looking to discuss different aspects of hiking and backpacking. We also will consider short hike descriptions and even a new gear idea, provided it is hiking related and the blog offers something of interest to the hiking community. We are especially interested in blogs about other hiking opportunities (see the series we have on the Benton MacKaye Trail). Blogs will be posted pending content review and may be edited for space requirements. We appreciate a well written blog that is also checked for grammar and spelling. Links back to the guest blog web site is provided.

Contact "Blissful" for more information and ideas for blogs or to request a product review.  blissfulhiking(at)gmail(dot)com