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Blissful Hiking Wants to Present at Your Library, School, or Hiking / Outdoor Club!

**Now Booking for 2022-23** 

January/February - Florida, Alabama
March through the Fall - NC, VA, MD, PA

Motivating Talks and Demonstrations for your Group! 

Also offering all or half-day workshops

Lauralee will present to libraries in multiple states, outdoor groups, outfitters, women's groups, school groups, Scouting groups, church groups, etc. Motivating presentations include PowerPoint presentations, sample backpacking gear, and an information station. Elementary school assemblies and children's libraries feature onstage media, a campsite set, and a visit (or two or three) by Sammy, the shy but hungry bear! Lauralee also conducts half or all-day workshops to get down to the nitty-gritty of backpacking and thru-hiking, including media and hands-on demonstrations (including dissecting a backpack, hiker nutrition and cooking, water purification, gear options, safety and first aid).
Lauralee also offers informative webinars on her trail experiences. See a sample webinar

  **E mail blissfulhiking(at)gmail(dot)com for details!** 

Individual Speaking topics offered:
Fun for Children!
  • "Mountains, Madness, Miracles - 4000 Miles of Appalachian Trail Stories" - Lauralee shares her epic 4000 Mile Journey in PowerPoint along with gear displays and a book signing. The most popular program with libraries! (Available in PA, MD, VA, NY for presentations and in Florida in Jan/Feb) 
  • "Gators, Guts and Glory - Adventures on the Florida Trail" - Lauralee explores this unusually scenic adventure through Florida on the Florida National Scenic Trail, from the Everglades, winding 1100 miles to Gulf Island National Seashore near Pensacola. A Book signing is also available. (Available in Florida for January and in NC, PA, MD, VA, NY for March-Fall ) 
  • “Women's Backpacking” – tactics for the woman hiker including the mental, physical, and emotional challenges. This can be expanded to include basics on up to in-depth talks on gear and women-specific issues, shakedown of participants' packs, etc. Presented numerous times for outfitters and trail organizations.
  • “General Backpacking and Hiking” - tips for successful ventures in the woods - great for Scout troops, outdoor groups, summer camps
  • "The Ranger and the Bear - An Appalachian Trail Adventure for Kids" - perfect for libraries and elementary school assemblies. We can tailor the program to fit the summer library reading program. Lauralee talks about hiking to children, caring for the woods and wildlife, and a visit with Sammy, the shy but hungry bear. Multimedia and hands-on activities for libraries, full onstage presentation for school assemblies. 
  • “I Dream of the Appalachian Trail” – what it takes to accomplish your dream hike of the AT. 
  • "Successful Section and/or Thru-hiking of the Appalachian Trail" - make it happen! Available also in a half or all-day workshop
  • “4,000 Miles of Miracles" – using Scripture, testimonies from her hikes with accompanying pictures, Blissful paints a portrait of a loving God through the miracles she witnessed on her many adventures. This presentation will bring one closer to God with the realization of how much He cares about the big and small things we endure. Great for church groups, teen challenge groups, etc.
  • Other hiking topics include Hiking our National Scenic Trails, Hiking the Eastern Continental Trail, Shenandoah National Park, The Colorado Trail, Section Hiking, Leave No Trace Principles, First Aid, and more
  •  ALL or Half-Day Workshops are also available. Email for information and rates 
Testimonials and videos provided on request. 
Email: blissfulhiking(at)gmail(dot)com for information and rates

At the REI Women's Backpacking Presentation - Gear Ideas
Feedback from workshop attendees:
- "pictures were beautiful, very inspiring talk"
- "a lot of information"
- "inspiring to me at age 46"

Women's Backpacking Class feedback - 
- "laid everything out about female issues and safety"
- "knows all subject matter and well presented with photos"
- "straight talk about female issues"

Talking to a High School English Class

"Lauralee’s presentations on AT Thru-Hiking and Long Distance Hiking for Women have consistently been full to capacity because of the wealth of knowledge she provides and how she consistently presents it. Her presentations leave hikers with a longing for the thru-hike and the lifelong rewards it provides." - REI

Northampton Township Free Library, Richboro, PA 
"We are so happy to hear of your experiences on the trail. For many who will never be able to do it, you provide the virtual Thru Hike!"

Coudersport Public Library, Coudersport, PA -
"Lauralee Bliss's presentation was engaging and delightful. Based on the abundant positive feedback we've received since the program, Lauralee's talk was interesting and inspirational - well worth listening to!

Lauralee Bliss (trail name Blissful) is a noted 4,000 miler through the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, completing the Appalachian Trail both north with her teen son and south as  a solo hiker. Other hiking credits include the Florida Trail, Colorado Trail, the Long Trail, the Foothills Trail, the Allegheny Trail, the Massanutten trail system of VA, and all 500 miles of side trails in Shenandoah National Park. She served five years in Shenandoah National Park as the ridgerunner. Lauralee brings a vast wealth of knowledge spanning over twelve years of backpacking in multiple states and working six years on the Appalachian Trail assisting hikers. She has spoken to over fifty organizations. Her desire is that everyone, young and old, fulfill their hiking dream. Lauralee is the founder and administrator of the popular Facebook Groups Appalachian Trail Section Hikers and Shenandoah National Park Hikers 

Lauralee also offers book signings of her Hiking Adventure Series. 

My books are available on Amazon!

Conducting workshops and demonstrations at the ATC Flip Flop Event 2015

     Lauralee is also a published magazine author with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Mother Earth Living magazine. 

     Need an established author for an article? Lauralee can cover a variety of topics having to do with hiking and general backpacking.  
     Please e-mail: blissfulhiking(at)gmail(dot)com