Friday, May 05, 2006

May Time

It's May. T minus ten months and counting.

And I just found out that our start time has been moved up to March 1st.


First, my husband goes to a national meeting every year in Nashville, and instead of the first week of March, it's been moved to the end of Feb. And since he will do the first two weeks with us up to the Smokies, he wanted to begin right after the meeting ends.

Also, he desperately DID NOT want to hike the two summer months with us through the infamous rocks of PA. This way, by starting early, skipping over a part of the trail we are currently doing on our section hikes, he will likely join us in NY. He can then do a good part of New England with us which is what he wanted. And this makes for one happy hubby.

Now of course, starting this early means thinking of winter conditions in the southern mountains and the Smokies. And since I hate being cold, I am VERY thankful now that I did purchase my ultra heavy synthetic 15 degree bag and a down jacket these past months. I've often heard that after the evening meal, everyone just hunkers down in their bags anyway.

Also, I'm glad for the early start as I've heard how hikers have left hostels for more expensive hotel rooms simply because there is no room at the inn. Too many hikers. Mid March to mid April is boom time for Georgia starts. So we may get a jump start on it all and find room where there may not have been any. And perhaps a bit of solitude along the way.

Sounds good. Just so long as there is NO March blizzard in 2007.

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Robin Bayne said...

Here's hoping March '07 is warm and pleasant : )