Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back to Square One

Well, the pack didn't work out. Too much nerve pain. But I am not giving up. Somewhere out there is the pack I will use for the trip. Just have to find it.

But I did use my son's backpack for my past weekend adventure - taking a few friends from church into the wilds of West Virginia - the Dolly Sods region to be exact. Made out fine with his pack carrying a hefty load (no nerve pain) but it's older, no hydration sack, no separate sleeeping compartment, and not really a super great fit.

Oh, the joy.


Bexar Bob said...

I'll bet you've already searched everywhere on the web... I would encourage another look at

As you already know, the two things you really can't cut corners with: your footwear and your backpack.

Looks like a woman's sized interior frame, top and side load, with 4300-6000 capacity is your play (I'll bet you knew that, too.)

I used to laugh at the recomendation that said when you buy a backpack, bring a duffle bag with ALL your stuff, pack up the desired product, adjust away and try it out by walking around the store. If it is immediately comfortable, you've got a probable winner.

I don't laugh at this suggestion any more. Same with sleeping bags (which you already have.) Try it out in the store-- get on in! Better to check the fit B4 you buy than to find out on the trail on a 20 degree night...

... like I did.

Best to you...


Muddled Puddle said...

Are you going to return it? How much was it? I am looking to invest in a backpack.

Valentina (from GCC)