Thursday, February 15, 2007

Two weeks and counting...

In two weeks we will be doing the Approach Trail to Springer Mtn. Hard to even comprehend. Even harder when I think how long a journey it has been to get me here and then what awaits me. I wonder if I will just be in a state of shock during it, like this is not reality. I mean, I will certainly have the reality and the pain of the hike. But the idea I am really doing this, from Georgia all the way to Maine. Five and a half months. Amazing.

I like to think of the old Michael Card song when it comes to this adventure. "There is a joy in the journey." And that is really what I want to have. Joy in the journey.

Getting gear and mail drops together

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Rob Kimball said...

Just stumbled across your blog reading the Whiteblaze forums, and saw that your start date is right around the corner!

Best of luck and happy trails! Hope to see you out there!

Rob K