Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Different Christmas

Well, it was a different Christmas for us. The night of December 24th, I developed a horrific stomach flu that lasted until the afternoon of Christmas Day. Needless to say, I spent the holiday in bed. I have never done that in my life. But as I was there, very sick and uncomfortable, a vision came to me, of the picture above. Why this picture in particular? It was taken after a similar occurence, when I suffered a severe stomach flu at Lakes of the Clouds hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. But that next morning I had no recourse. It was slated to be fantastic weather for crossing the Presidentials which are above treeline. No one passes up a sunny day to do this part of the trail. So despite being sick all night, I hoisted my pack and climbed Mt Washington, which you see here. I then proceeded to climb the rest of the Presidential range that day.

I reflected on that as I lay in my bed on Christmas Day, wondering how I could have possibly done that. It was truly a miracle. God watching over me, giving me the will and the strenght to carry out His purpose for my life. What I lacked this week He gave me when I needed it. And it made it all the more wondrous having another bout with a stomach flu this week. He truly does provide the strength one needs to overcome any and all obstacles. For me, my obstacle was not enjoying any of Chrstmas Day. But I have a peace about it. Not a loss. But a wonder of it all. He has brought me through and will continue to do so as I walk this path of life with Him.

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