Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Future Thru Hike??

Could this be the future?


Well, we just got a great idea last night as we talked. I have been moaning to Skipper how much hiking the trail would help him physically, etc., and how I wish he could have hiked the whole thing with us. I have seen my back helped. I have dropped three dress sizes. And I guess with the warm weather we've been experiencing, I was thinking about my start last March on the AT.

And then we got to talking. And planning. And saying - can't we do the whole Appalachian Trail as a couple? A hubby and wifey team? Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Suddenly I was getting excited all over again. I felt like I had a new goal. We have several years to get the business in line, Paul Bunyan at UVA, some more of my books written (and hopefully published). I could celebrate this hike by doing it all over again with my hubby and allowing him to experience everything we did (and he would LOVE the ponds of Maine!).'s SO nice to have a goal again. If it is meant to be...

And it's not even time for a New Year's resolution yet!

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