Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I write this with a heavy heart. I, among many other hikers, are mouring the loss of one of our own - a young hiker, out for a walk on New Years Day in Georgia near the AT, only to be senselessly killed by a deranged man. It's really hard as we like to think of a trail like the Appalachian Trail, carved among the wonders of God's creation, safe from such horrific evil. But it is not. This is still a fallen world, and evil prowls about. The devil prowls about, seeking to kill, steal, destroy. Even in the serenity of the woods.
But I rest in the knowedge of God's presense, even in a cruel world. That He still rules over this. That evil may take reign for but a moment, but He is forever. And one day that evil will bow the knee.
Maranatha. Come, Lord, come.

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