Friday, October 17, 2008

Hikers, Hikers Everywhere!

It's that time of year - the hikers seem to be massing near Shenandoah to enjoy the brilliant fall colors - and yes, I will too. A fellow hiker and I will thru hike Shenandoah coming up, taking it all in and enjoying each and every day. I will post about our day-by-day experience when I return.
But I had the opportunity yesterday to have breakfast with a thru hiker I met on the trail back in '07 named Boo Boo. At the time she and her friend, Music Man, were at Pico Camp in Vermont, heading south, while Paul Bunyan and I were heading north. We have stayed in contact and saw each other at Trail Days. Since she was in town, we were able to enjoy breakfast.

So we sat in our booth at the IHOP, catching up on everything trail-wise and life-wise. For some reason though, I had the distinct impression that a table near to us was interested in our conversation. Why that could be, I didn't know.
Until a man walks up to my table and introduces himself. He is 357 Magnum who thru hiked the trail the same time we did. In fact, he left Springer on the exact same day, and we had seen off and on during our hike! I could not believe it was him. He was there with his family from North Carolina to see autumn in Shenandoah. But to be there at the same restaurant as I am talking with a fellow hiker- it was too fantastic.

But this is one of these great times that I cherish, especially the camaraderie and also the unexpected surprises. Thank you, Lord!

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Mary said...

I'm just wondering how often you thought of the people who went over that trail with wagons. I went to Loft mountain and saw a piece of the Appalachian trail, and that's all I could think about. The people who settled the "west" took wagons and let them down the mountains by rope, each time taking a chance that everything they owned would be lost. And the women! Can you imagine doing what you did without the different comforts and wearing a long dress that would get caught on all kinds of things, because we know they couldn't even let an ankle show?!
I really enjoy your books. One of them was lost at my mom's and I just found it on the list on HP. In the morning I'm calling to order "Seneca Shadows" so that I can finish it. Thank you for such an interesting blog.