Friday, February 18, 2011

Not the Goal, The Journey

Everyone has their reasons for hiking. I go for relaxation. To accomplish a goal. To ready myself for that next BIG long distance hike in my future plans. These were all on my mind as I ventured out today on my weekly hike (I have been trying to go hiking up in Shenandoah National Park weekly to prepare myself for my upcoming hikes this April and July). Today I started out near Skyland, heading down some fire road until I hit Corbin Mountain Trail. I did a circuit hike to Nicholson Hollow Trail, past Corbin Cabin where I was hailed by those renting the cabin for a few days (I think they were lonely). And then back up to the Skyline Drive where I joined the AT toward Stony Man Mtn. By this time I was hurting as I had gone 12 miles. My head was killing me. But I decided I might as well go ahead and climb Stony Man for a quick view. And I saw the most amazing sight - of sunlight streaming through the clouds over the valley. Now to me, it looked like heaven. I felt a peace I hadn't in a long time. And tears, too, for its awesome splendor. And a sense that it was okay to be out hiking and enjoying this. To not get all uptight over my life right now. To believe God is there and to walk the walk before me and see what happens.

I hope you get to do some major contemplation as I do while out hiking. And discover the hike is really not about the goal, but about the journey. And always will be.

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Chanda M. DeFoor said...

A great reminder!