Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wildfire and Trail Closure!

(last update Feb 28, 2011)

As I write this, several areas in Virginia are burning due to the extraordinary conditions yesterday of high winds, dry conditions, and litter and limb debris. These wildfires are forcing the closure of the Appalachian Trail in two areas so far - Catawba to Dragon's Tooth (just north of Roanoke) and in the northern section of Shenandoah National Park (check the NPS website for this update). I will post further info as I receive it.

Feb 21

Another link

Feb 22 - other links


Wildfire today

According to the web site, looks like the fire is over. !! Just mop up in progress.

Feb 23

Best link to this incident. Still doing mop up. AT still closed. Entire Skyline Drive closed d/t weather and the fire.

Feb 26

The fire is 80% contained.
(per website) For safety reasons, the following closures are still in place as a result of the fire: Skyline Drive between Front Royal and Rt. 211 (Thornton Gap); Mt. Marshall Trail from Skyline Drive to the intersection at the Bluff Trail; Appalachian Trail between Compton Gap and the Browntown Trail; Lands Run Gap Fire Road; and the Jenkins Gap Trail.

Feb 28

Per the web site. Fire is contained. Closures are lifted.

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Allison said...

You must be somewhat close to me! While out on a field trip a week ago we noticed the smoke coming down. Then this weekend on another geology field trip we could see the fireline on one side of the road where the ground was black ash and the other side of the road had not been touched! It was pretty cool, but I bet really scary for the firefighters trying to control the fires.