Thursday, November 08, 2012

Gear Review - Hoo-Rags!!



Okay, I give up....

WHAT'S a Hoo-rag?

REVIEW:  A Hoo-Rag is a must for your hiker wardrobe!   

The Hoo-Rag is an ultralight linear piece of microfiber fabric with multiple uses in varying trail conditions. It shields you from wind and sun, protects from annoying insects, wicks away perspiration, and adds color and style to a hiker's wardrobe. You can use it to warm your neck, as a balaclava in fierce wind, as an extra cap, or even a ponytail holder or a head band to keep hair from flying in the face. In a pinch you could use it to take that hot pot off your backpacking stove. Although I like to keep it on my head! I have used mine as a needed cap in windy weather to keep the wind out of my ears (it's not so heavy that your head sweats in it when you hike. In fact, it's just right!) and as a head band to keep hair out of the way. It's a must for me as a hiker.

Check out the Hoo-Rag website for styles and colors. Or you can have one custom made! How cool is that?       

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