Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back at Hiking Activities in 2013

Blissful Hiking looks back at 2013 and some of the great hikes and opportunities that came forth within the year.

1. A two week hike in March from Amicalola Falls State Park, GA via the Approach Trail on the Appalachian Trail 
Approach Trail

Atop Blood Mountain

north to Stecoah Gap, North Carolina. Snow, cold, thru hikers galore, some with interesting habits, my observations of the journey (along with related blogs of interest for prospective long distance hikers).

Out of NOC - Natahala Outdoor center
2. Official PATC ridgerunner for Shenandoah National Park. I covered the entire trail from where it enters the park just north of Compton Gap to Rockfish Gap. 

I met over three hundred thru hikers and 43 bears. Returning to the park in 2014.

3. Mountains, Madness, and Miracles – 4000 Miles Along the Appalachian Trail debuts this year! My 4,000 plus miles north and south on the Appalachian Trail are chronicled in this book available in both e-book and print. Information

4. The annual fall hike took me to the Tuscarora Trail. Details of that adventure here.

6. Speaking activities including talks inside Shenandoah National Park,
Presenting at the evening program at Big Meadows

 at The Gathering, and also various other groups. NEW in 2014 will be an all-day backpacker workshop March 8th!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do! Here's to another great year on the trails and for the trails :) !

David Egesdal said...

Wonderful blog.