Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review – Gomacro Bars

As a former nurse and now avid hiker, I am more conscious about what goes into my hiker food bag and into my body. Especially as I see hikers consuming empty calories and nutrition on their hikes. When they arrive home, their health deteriorates and more issues arise. Thus I am always on the look-out for nutritious ways to eat healthy on the trail.

I was given the chance to review the Gomacro bars. The company began with the family enduring what many do these days, the devastation of cancer, and their decision to eat healthier as a way of conquering this disease. After having good results with dietary changes, the company was born. They strive to create bars that are made of 100% plant based ingredients sourced from organic and non GMO farms. The bars are soy, gluten, and dairy free. They come in two sizes the Gomacro Macrobar and the Thrive and come in a variety of unique flavors, like blueberry lavender to chocolate peanut butter cup for the Thrive bars and cherries and berries and sesame butter and dates for the Macrobars.

I tried both the Thrive bars and the regular Macrobar on my recent backpacking trip. I ate a Thrive blueberry and lavender for a snack and instantly realized there was a big punch in a small sized bar. You can see the superfood ingredients jam-packed into the bar. Right off I tasted blueberry which was nice. But after eating a whole bar, I realized a half bar was plenty for me to feel satisfied. The bar provides decent energy and satisfied hunger for several hours. The next time I tried the Thrive, I only ate half a bar and that was plenty. So this bar goes a long way, and they only weigh 1.4 oz.

The Macrobars I used for breakfast. I noticed the outside of the bar was fairly oily, presumably so it doesn’t stick to the packaging, but I found it rather detracted from eating the bar. I could eat a whole bar and didn’t feel the fullness I did with a Thrive. The flavor was ok. It satisfied me for about two hours which is at least an hour better than I get from breakfast bars like Belvita. And I liked the idea I was eating something good for me instead of empty sugar-based calories.

All in all I like the Gomacro concept. I feel the Thrive bar is definitely worth putting into your hiker food bag. A little in that bar goes a long way, and at a mere 1.4 oz. a bar. I also like the idea I was putting wholesome nutritious food in my body so it could perform better on a hike and after the hike is done.

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