Sunday, December 30, 2018

Blissful Hiking End of the Year Tidings

Another year has come and gone. Hard to believe. When 2017 ended, I was coming off a great year of hiking, from the palmettos of Florida to the grand Rockies of the Colorado Trail, plus ridgerunning in Shenandoah National Park.

2018 saw me return to the Florida Trail to complete the 500 mile long section of the Panhandle in January and February and thus finish the whole trail. The Panhandle section of the trail ended up
St Marks National Wildlife Refuge
being a fascinating journey of rivers, and palmettos, of a wildlife refuge, a boat ride, long needle pine and titi (that indicates swamp ahead) and a beach walk to its end at Fort Pickens. Then there was the multitude of trail angels who helped me out, and especially one I now call my big sister for all we went through together for nearly ten days as she took care of me on the trail.

The FT finish at Fort Pickens

As I write this, hikers are gearing up for a Florida Trail adventure as the season for hiking it spans from December to April. You can find more about the trail through the FloridaHikes! or the FTA web site, including some section wanders along it.

Unfortunately, the night I returned from the trail I was in an auto accident that basically curtailed any kind of lengthy backpacking for the rest of the year. I am still under care for it, and wonder how a backpacking trip will change when I do return. But that is what 2019 is for, I hope and pray. I am already planning a return to Florida to complete the Blackwater section that will take me to Alabama, along with my new big sister from February’s wander.

In July of 2019 will also see the publication of my Florida Trail journey in "Gators, Guts, and Glory –Adventures on the Florida Trail" by WhiteFire Publishing. Plus I have already set up for more programs at libraries about my trail adventures.  Stay up-to-date with all the happenings by signing up to receive our quarterly newsletter for details of adventures to come and about the book’s upcoming release. See the button on the left column of this blog site to sign up!

Thanks for being a part of Blissful Hiking, and here’s to more adventures on and off the trails in 2019.

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