Tuesday, March 14, 2006

One Year and Counting!

It's hard to believe that I have one year left to a dream that has spanned thirty years! One year from today I will begin the Approach Trail in Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia and head toward Springer Mtn, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Having begun this dream when I was just a teen and now looking to the reality of it in 365 days is an exciting but fearful proposition. Of course I wonder - will I be able to do this? Can I do this? Will everything work out with the hike, my physical status, supplies, upcoming books (of which one will come out while I am on the trail and another one will likely need editing), husband and family considerations, my beagle....lots of things to think about and lots of unknowns. I have leapt off that cliff of faith into the unknown many times in my life. Surely starting this Appalachian Trail adventure one year from today will be one of the bigger leaps into the record book of my life.

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