Friday, July 01, 2022

Preparing for the Unexpected on the Trail - Review of the Jase Medical Kit

Preparing for the unexpected sounds like a misnomer. How can one prepare when you don't know what may happen? Especially in the area of medical treatment with hiking and backpacking long distances. I have already covered in a blog on first aid kits but was contacted by an interesting group of physicians that have come up with an emergency medical kit for people like us as well as travelers, etc. It is a medical kit of antibiotic treatments for emergencies, including antibiotics to treat giardia, tick-borne illness, infections--ailments that can often plague a hike. 

The Jase Medical Kit is a kit of antibiotic treatments that can be carried in the field. The kit is dispensed after a consultation with a physician online before the hike begins.
 The kit is a little green bag containing antibiotics that are prescribed for certain conditions. Those conditions are outlined in a small informative booklet included with the kit. With different types of antibiotics, some of them are well known. One of them, doxycycline, can be used to treat tick-borne illnesses and also respiratory infections, which my husband needed during a battle with Covid. Other antibiotics in the kit can deal with major infections, female vaginal issues, and Giardia or water-borne illness. 

was most impressed with the professionalism of this company when ordering this product. I was particularly impressed with how quickly they could assess my needs and then respond and mail the kit. I find this kit to be a major relief-saving factor for problems that crop up in the backpacking field. More than once I’ve suffered from an infection in my toenail and wondered what to do. I even once used some of my doxycycline, which the doctor dispensed just for tick illnesses in case I needed it, and found it worked. 

With the Jase kit, you get plenty of antibiotics that can be used for multiple purposes. 
What a great way to keep a long-distance backpacking trip going, knowing you have medications in your first aid kit that can help you when you need it most. The cost seems like a lot at first, but the antibiotics can last up to five years or even longer. Combined with the need of a doctor visit, a possible stay in town on a hike while being evaluated, and the prescription cost, the cost of this kit is cheap. To me, it's a worthwhile investment, especially in this day in age when all kinds of illnesses are rampant. Especially for us hikers, to have peace of mind when we’re on the trail and away from civilization keeps the dream of our hike alive. 

To find out more, go to Jase Medical Supplies.

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