Friday, July 28, 2006

Almost August

Almost August and I had someone point out it's been two months since I last blogged.

Does that mean the dream has died?

On the contrary.....

NO! Most emphatically.

I guess you could say I took a sabbatical during the past six weeks. Took Boy Scouts backpacking. Went to Italy for a few weeks. Took the church camping. Worked on writing a book. Canning produce from the garden. Washing the dog. Walking the dog. Walking me. Things like that. But I am ever mindful of the approaching date of March 1st, 2007. I've been taking time to participate on the great site - White Blaze - and its very interesting forums, along with reading the journals of hikers currently on the AT. I've liked scanning the photos these hikers take of the terrain and the shelters. I feel like I'm progessively becoming a little more aquainted with it all. But of course nothing prepares you for the real thing until you are doing it.

I guess the things I am really concerned about at this point are - 1. I have no backpack for this trip, and 2. My book editors have abruptly changed and the new editor doesn't know me at all. I sent her an e-mail the other day about my trip plans. Not sure at all how it will be recieved or what will happen with my proposals in house. But I will continue to make plans and hopefully soon will hear from the new editor AND have a backpack that will work. You will be the first to know in blog land!

Onward and upward.

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