Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gear Comments

I spent a blustery cold day on a trail last weekend while the guys were on a BSA camp out. Yes, a day hike but with a loaded backpack. I try when I can to walk with the backpack and get my system used to the idea that this is the way it's gonna be for five and a half months. Hubby went to get me a few other packs by Granite Gear for me to try - those didn't work either with my finicky back. So I am still planning on taking my Lowe, but will endeavor to keep the interior pack weight as low as possible. I'm happy though with the clothing I've chosen, esp trying out gear on these walks and hikes. Glad, for instance, I will be taking a balaclava after nearly being swept off the mountain in the biting cold wind and feeling my face and neck grow numb. And tried my Yak Trax walkers in the ice and snow and they worked like a charm. While my gear load will be heavy to start, I'm happy with it but will be all the more glad to shed it all by Damascus.

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