Friday, January 18, 2008

An Author of the Trail

What does a handwritten piece of paper have to do with the love of writing?
It is a simple, homemade sign I made at the completion of my hike atop Mt. Katahdin, giving honor and praise to my husband who stood by me through it all. But it reveals something more as well. Besides walking with my feet, I must also acknowledge the author side of me that thinks and writes. I have written and published over a dozen novels with my latest one due out next month. My main goal of the hike was not simply to do it but also to document my experiences in a trail journal. To accomplish this, I kept in the confines of my backpack a small rustic notebook to handwrite journal entries while on the trail. In a world of computers and phones that allow one to text message and even send computer entries, there is nothing like simpe handwritten notes and journal entries that tell of a particular moment in time. To see those handwritten acknowledgements during difficult and joyous times of life. I was perusing my handwritten journal the other day and marveling how God brought me through this journey. And it is written down for all eternity, pen to paper. And I am using that journal as well as my online journal and blog to recreate the adventure in a non fiction book.
I hike. I write. And I give praise to God for it all, that He may use it for His glory.

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