Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Closing Down Parts of the Appalachian Trail - Updated 9/16/11

8/26/11 14:00

Just saw on White Blaze that Hurricane Irene is closing down the trail. The White Mountain Natonal Forest is closing the entire trail system and so is the AMC huts and other shelter areas. Baxter State Park is also closed at least through Monday.

There will be high winds, torrential rains, flash floods and afterwards - blowdowns and trail damage from upper PA through to Maine. Updates as I find them.

Update 8/26/11 20:15

Baxter State Park
* Russell Pond, Chimney Pond and all backcountry campsites will be closed to camping on Saturday night 8/27 and Sunday night 8/28;
* All campsites in Baxter Park will be closed to camping on Sunday 8/28;
* All Katahdin and Traveler Mtn. access trails will be closed on Sunday 8/28 and Monday 8/29;
* All visitors planning on arriving at the Park after 8/28 are advised to call Park Headquarters for current info on camping and access.

Update 8/27/11  1400

Man dies from falling tree limb -

Falling limbs/trees is probably one of the biggest dangers associated with this storm along with fording raging streams. Also after the storm passes trees will be weakened, so care is is needed.

Update 9/2/11  13:50 Damage and Closures in Vermont, NY, and NJ

I have just posted that Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont is closed to hikers until further notice. See my blog post on this for links and further information.

Another link to damage in the New York / New Jersey Trail corridor  . All trails are closed in Ulster and Green Counties in the Catskills.

Link to damage in the Adirondack Region of New York State including closure of the eastern zone of the  HIGH PEAKS WILDERNESS, GIANT MOUNTAIN WILDERNESS and DIX MOUNTAIN WILDERNESS.

New England Trail Conditions

Update 9/6/2011  10:35

Check the Appalachian Trail Conservancy UPDATE page for washed out bridges and other conditions along the Appalachian Trail from New Jersey to Maine. Scroll down to the state for the area you wish to hike.

For Vermont's status, check the Green Mountain Club website. The National Forest is still closed to hiking for both the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail.

Update 9/8/2011

Check with the locales where you'll be hiking. Pennsylvania (the town of Duncannon which had flooding on Main Street; also the Cumberland Valley of PA from around the boardwalk just south of the Scott Farm on Bernheisel Bridge Road to south of 944 Wertzville Road) and New Jersey (the boardwalk,etc) reporting flooding issues from remnants of tropical storm Lee.

New Hampshire

The White Mountain National Forest is OPEN but check the White Mountain National Forest Web site for road closures that may hamper trail access.

New From the ATC:


The A.T. ferry service across Maine’s Kennebec River has been shut down until further notice. The river is running dangerously high and fast and water levels continue to rise. Conditions are being monitored and the service (provided at no charge to A.T. hikers by ATC and the Maine A.T. Club) will be restored when safe to do so. Other stream and river crossings may be dangerous or impassible. Be prepared to wait for water levels to subside. Carry maps in case you need to backtrack and find a road that provides a safe crossing. The canoe ferry has been the official route of the A.T. across the Kennebec since 1987.

Check with Harrison Pierce Pond Camp for alternatives to head north to Caratunk.

Update 9/10/11 

PA - The Susquehanna and adjoining tributaries had flooded in PA with Cumberland Valley flooded and will still make for challenging walking through that area until drying weather comes. Clean-up underway in Duncannon. 

MAINE - The Kennebec ferry is up and running again!

Update 9/16/11

VERMONT - The official press release with more information and closure maps can be found at
Some areas of the AT have opened. Other areas remain closed.

See the Green Mountains blog update for info.


Anonymous said...

I understand there's flooding in Duncannon. Is the Doyle ok?

Lauralee Bliss said...

I read that they have cleared out most of eh first floor. The water has not yet reached the door but is projected to. I feel really bad for them - I was just there in April on my southbound hike.

Lauralee Bliss said...

I heard the flooding is easing now in Duncannon. Clean-up underway.