Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Hiking Adventure Series!

National Scenic Trails Adventures! 

A National Scenic Trails Adventure is not just a dream but a goal. Journey with Blissful the Hiker, wandering over 5,000 miles of National Scenic Trail in all kinds of terrain and situations - from the lofty peak of Katahdin on the Appalachian Trail to the swamps of Big Cypress on the Florida Trail. It doesn't get any better or wilder than this!

Mountains, Madness, and Miracles! North AND South adventures on the Appalachian Trail AND with a teenager who gives his own experience on a trail adventure! 

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Gators, Guts, and Glory - Adventures Along the Florida Trail. A wild hike like no other - sucking mud and gators and Tahiti and all. A Reader favorite. 

Paperback and E-book formats ORDER 


Makes a great gift for the hiker in all of us! Plan that dream hike in 2020.

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