Friday, March 06, 2020

The Spring Backpacking Gear List

The spring backpacking season is here! Use or adapt this gear list to prepare for a spring backpacking adventure in the east and have a great time!

Backpacking Gear List
Compiled By “Blissful”  

Backpack, pack cover, trash liner bag, hiking poles

Sleeping bag (15-20 degree rating but depends on season), compression sack or good waterproof sack for sleeping bag, silk liner (optional, good for cold sleeper), sleeping pad, Tyvek ground sheet to protect tent floor from mud; snow, tent poles and stakes (or complete hammock set-up), air pillow (optional - I use Klymit or Exped)

Cooking and Drinking
Stove, fuel and fuel container, lighter, windscreen (optional), titanium pot, pot cozy (all this is incl if you get a Jetboil system), lexan spoon or spork, cup (useful for stream dipping), container for getting water, personal water drinking containers (such as liter plastic bottles - Smartwater or Lifewater bottles are good, etc), water purification (Sawyer Squeeze system or Aquamira work in many instances), 50 feet of paracord for bear bagging, waterproof food bag with food (8-13 liter)

Clothing (can vary depending on your likes and the season)
Hiking clothes (merino wool long sleeve top, one t-shirt top, convertible pants, fleece top) Insulated jacket (down is good for spring, late fall), windshirt, hat, gloves, midweight merino wool or fleece top and bottom for camp and sleep (depends on season), rain jacket (pants optional, but needed in spring and fall, rain skirt is another option), rain hat is good for glasses, wicking underwear, sports bra (women), good socks (at least three pair for long hikes), crocs for camp, trail shoes, good waterproof bag for clothes

Late March in the Smokies can still mean old man winter.

Headlamp, First Aid Kit, medicines, toothbrush and paste, dental floss, earplugs, prescriptions (esp. for vision), hiker wallet with ID, cash, a few personal checks, credit card, debit card, toilet paper, a few baby wipes, hand sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol), chapstick, whistle, picaridin bug spray, facenet (optional, depends on the trail)  sunscreen (no leaves means burns can happen), body glide (if prone to chafing, can take it out of its container), small jackknife with scissors, bandana, pack towel, assorted sil nylon stuff sacks and ziplocs for organization

Maps (or map app like Guthook) and guidebook pages, small journal and pen (can dictate on cell phone), cell phone, charger (I user the Anker 10k) cords, Yaktrax or microspikes (winter or early spring seasonal)

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