Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Appalachian Trail Section Hike – PA and NJ

Continuing my endeavor to complete my third finish of the AT, which began many years ago and because of other trails like the Arizona and Pinhoti. had been put on hold until now. This journey saw me hike from Palmerton, PA, to High Point State Park in NJ, approx 70 miles.

 Day One 

The climb up from Palmerton was just as beastly as I remember. Hand over hand with cliffs jutting out. It didn’t help that several day hikers turned around, unable to make it. I almost lost it and found it extremely nerve-wracking. At least I remembered some tough stuff in the Catskills and finally discovered a side route around one challenging cliff. But found a way through it and kept going


Day Two

Wet, wet. It didn’t help that I had no sleep last night because of a search and rescue around my tent site (I found out later the guy was deceased in his tent probably about a mile from me !). Drones flew overhead and two separate rescuers and a dog showed up at my tent.

It was wet, cold with a cold wind today. Got down to Wind Gap and got a hotel room, the best decision I made. Having a nice Christian lady as the Uber driver who also prayed for me was a nice added bonus.


Day Three

The sun made an appearance, but it took most of the day to show up. Very glad it cleared overnight with a nice wind and a dry tent. Rocky at times.

 Day Four

6-mile hike into Delaware Water Gap for the night. The church hostel here has been going for many many years serving hikers. Lots of love. The post office here was a gem and helped mail home gear I inadvertently had left in the bottom of my pack from a cabin trip last week. And didn’t want to carry anymore lol. Stuffed myself with the Stromboli pizza and then headed to the hotel for the night. Seeing February thru hikers now.

 Day Five & Six

A very warm day to cross into New Jersey and onward into the hills. The rocks continued as well as in Rocky ledges. Nothing too difficult though. A rabbit and snake greeted me at Sunfish Pond.Nice campsite at Mohican Trail Center and a blueberry lemon cookie that was out of this world. They even made me veggie smoothie that felt good after an 80-degree hiking day.

The next day had nice views from the rocky ridge walk. New Jersey has some nice viewpoints. Just be on the lookout for snakes.  

Day Seven & Eight

Wet, wet yet again. But the sun came out for my ending pint at High Point State Park for this section. Hope to return in July.






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