Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Get Out of the Box and Explore

Get Out of the Box and Explore – An Interview with Hiker Blissful

In Episode Two, Lauralee Bliss, trail name Blissful, shares with listeners her motivation for hiking and exploring the trails. This interview was conducted by WhiteFire Podcasts about long distance hiking adventures and other interests with valuable lessons learned along the way.

What are the differences between hiking the Appalachian Trail vs the Florida Trail?
The Appalachian Trail or AT is widely recognized, being next to many major
metropolitan areas of the east coast, with books and movies about it. It has plenty of mountain adventures and is good for short term hikes. And it was the hike Blissful did as a long hiking adventure with her teen son.

The Florida Trail is a low elevation trail with flora and fauna inherent in a southern state. It gives a different perspective of wilderness set in swamp, palm trees, palmettos, with fauna and flora all its own. It provides good long-distance adventure in the winter. Blissful gives examples of the challenges found in a solo hike.

What is your background?
Lauralee Bliss, trail name Blissful, grew up in the Catskills of New York with a mountain in her backyard. Blissful enjoyed traveling in the family RV to destinations where great hikes abounded, including the Appalachian Trail. She lives the adventure rather than just talking about it due to a goal driven mentality and seeing a dream fulfilled with no regrets.

How did you accomplish your hikes?

Read about it, set a plan into motion, hear from others who have done it in podcasts such as this, on hiker forums like in Facebook, in chats, in webinars and other video platforms. Learn what gear will work and what won’t. Read a lot, a dream a lot, then do it.

Final Thoughts
Blissful realizes life is crazy. But you can turn the craziness about into an adventure that may seem crazy to others but actually becomes a trail to healing and learning much about yourself and others. Make life count, and when you go through those adventures, tell others. Don’t keep it to yourself. It’s not just about you.
So get out of life’s box, explore, and share it far and wide!

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